Inspection Pricing

We know that a home inspection is a big part of the home buying experience. The price of a home inspection is a small investment for a huge amount of information that you will gain to help YOU make that all important buying or selling decision. 

Since you are here looking at the pricing page of our website then you are probably looking to see how much B-Inspected Home Inspections charges for our services.  

We cannot give you an exact price of what your home inspection will cost on this web page. The reason for this is because there a many variables that each inspection company must consider before we can give you an exact cost for Your inspection.

The cost of an inspection is primarily based on the size and age of a home. However, there are other cost that are factored in by most inspection companies when determining the exact cost of an inspection. Some of these factors are, will you need a WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) inspection, do you have a pool/spa, do you have a septic system, do you have any detached structures.  These all take additional time and experience that factor in to the cost of a home inspection.

If you need an exact price of what Your home inspection will cost give B-Inspected Home Inspections a call at 214-354-4494 or you can book an inspection online Now.  We will be glad to give you your own fair and honest personal quote.


               We also give additional discounts to military and seniors. (call for details)


Let B-Inspected Home Inspections to be a partner with you with this buying or selling experience.

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